Monkfish tail steaks with thick red wine sauce
Fresh pasta, mushrooms and spinach
Domaine Lathuilière Gravallon - Recette de Pierre MERCIER des Saveurs de PY
Domaine Lathuilière Gravallon - Pierre MERCIER et Yuko MATSUMOTO - Saveurs de PY

This recipe was created as a perfect match for
le Morgon L’Esprit Côte du Py par
Pierre MERCIER des Saveurs de PY à la Croix-Rousse – Lyon
Serves 6 : Ingredients

1, 2kg monkfish tail; ask your fishmonger to bone it and keep the bone to thicken the sauce.

5 litres tannic red wine
5 crushed lobster heads or 1.5 kg crayfish
200g smoked bacon with the rind on, diced large
2 big carrots and 2 big onions, sliced into rounds and sweated in a frying pan
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 bouquet garni made up of stalk parsley, leak, bay leaf and thyme
5 tbs toasted flour (baked in the oven to light brown)

Enough fresh pasta to serve 6.
Mushrooms of the season and spinach
Fresh butter to fry the monkfish, mushrooms, spinach and pasta.


Firstly, put the red wine into a big pan and bring to the boil, then flambé (the wine must be left to flame until there is no alcohol left; this takes at least 5 minutes).
Once this has finished, add in all the ingredients in the second section. Simmer over a low heat until it has reduced by 2/3. Push through a fine sieve. Season to taste.
This can easily be done the day before.

On the day you are serving the dish, cut the monkfish into 6 steaks of the same size, coat them in flour and brown them quickly in a frying pan without allowing them to dry out. Finish cooking them in the simmering red wine sauce (take care, as this is very quick).

Prepare the accompaniment, cook and butter the fresh pasta, fry the mushrooms and the spinach in butter.

Bring everything together on a hot serving dish and mill a little pepper over each fish steak.