After the back-to-school work at the Domaine…
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Food truck and Music Group

After the back-to-school work at the Domaine...
Book your Friday 08/30
Food truck and Music Group

A history of the Lathuilière-Gravallon Estate

A deeply-rooted family affair

Jean-Marie, Antoine, Pierre/Marie-Louise, Fernand/Renée, Jean/Raymonde, since 1875, 4 generations have preceded us.

This 10-hectare Estate, perched upon the tip of the Morgon cru, in the heart of our stunning Beaujolais region, produces 11 wines and 5 different appellations.

“Trusting my instincts, it’s without even having to think about it that I decided this would be where I would live my passion for wine and winemaking.” Cédric

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Produce the best possible grapes

My vines, my terroir

I work and knead our soil, unfolding like a wide and colorful map at our feet, infusing our wines with character.

I sow grass over our most productive plots to build a healthy competition for our vines (Ampelopsis spp.) that always give their best when yield-regulated.

I no longer use any chemical weed killers. Along with mechanical weeding, I have decided to bring back ploughing, in order to push the vines to dig deeper down for the best our soil has to offer.

We practice a reasoned and reasonable vine culture, guided by observation. It came naturally to us to pursue and obtain the HEV label (High Environmental Value), rewarding the consistency of our expertise and practice over many years.


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Our wines, fruity and authentic

Year after year, no vintage is ever the same. I make a point of using my winemaker’s experience to pass on what our soil and terroir can give to us.

Each red wine vinifies differently, expressing its origins depending on the soil the grapes grew in, their sun exposure, their altitude or their maturation. No artificial inputs or novel techniques are used during the vinification process of our Expressive Beaujolais range.

I try to stay as true as possible to our terroir to produce authentic and fruit-forward Beaujolais and Gamay wines, just like we love them…

Our “Exceptional Beaujolais” wines stand out thanks to their ageing suitability. The wines in that range are made exclusively from Old Vines and are aged in casks, foudres or demi-muids, for any number of months, depending on the vintage.

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